Bill of Rights Scrapbook

Bri Reid

Amendment 1- Freedom of Speech

Morse v. Frederick

  • At the 2007 Olympic games a student, Joseph Frederick, held up a sign reading "Bong hits for Jesus." THe principal told Frederick to put the banner down, and the student refused. The principal then suspended him for ten days.
  • The issue was id the student broke his freedom of speech by holding up the sign at a school event promoting drug use. THe courts voted no, he had every right to do so.
  • Why? students freedom of speech rights cannot be stripped of them unless it is found to be sustantually disrupts the learningo other students.
  • This effects American society today, becuase students can get away with using there rights.
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Amendment 1 - Freedom of the Press

Tory v. Cochran

  • Cochran Was sueing Troy for Invasion of privacy. In the 1990s Tory began picketing Cochran’s office, carrying signs that accused him of being a thief and of accepting bribes. A trial judge ruled that Tory had made false and defamatory statements about Cochran, and instead of awarding him damages, issued an injuction ordering Tory to never again display a sign or speak about Cochran.
  • The suprime court voted 7–2 that in light of Cochran's death, the injunction limiting the demonstrations of Ulysses Tory "amounts to an overly board prior restraint upon speech".
  • This effects todays american society because it shows that Freedom of press is not ok if it is not true statements.

Amendment 1- Freedom of Religion

Santa Fe Independent School District v. Jane Doe

  • Students where elected to give prayer during a pregame speech at home football games. Students sued the school saying it violated the Establishment clause, which prohibits religion endorsments in public schools.
  • The suprime court voted 6-3 that it did violate the Establishment clause.
  • This empacts americans in amny wasy, because its saying in public schools you must respect all religious views, but can cannot say which religion is right or you should belong to.

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Amendment 2- The right to bear arms

Mcdonald V. Chicago

  • a Chicago ordinance baned the possession of handguns as well as other gun regulations affecting rifles and shotguns.TheSecond Amendemnt Foundation and the illinois State Rifle Association sponsored the litigation on behalf of several Chicago residents, including retiree Otis McDonald.
  • With an oral agreement on March 2, 2010, the Suprime Court ruled on June 28, 2010, a 5-4 vote ruling it unconstiutional.
  • This shows that gun rights are vaery hard to get rid of in toadys american society.

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Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure

Board of Education of Independent School District #92 of Pottawatomie County v. Earls

  • A school district in Oklahoma makes students provide urine samples to enable them to participate in any extracurricular activitys, like sports or clubs.
  • Two students and their parents took this to the suprime court saying it broke there forth amendment right, the court voted otherwise in a 5-4 vote sayiwng its not unconstitutional, the distrect is looking out for its studentds, and are concerned for there well being.
  • This effects american society today because it shows that schools have lupol and can get away with alot even if its breaking your constutional rights.

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Amendment 5 - Double Jeopardy

Smith V. Massachusetts

  • Smith was charged with posession of a hand gun, but the case was dismissed by the judge when the size or style of the gun was not reviled in court. Later on a police officer informed the judge that it was a rifle a greater size. Smith was then put back on trial in the same case.
  • The suprime court ruled 5-4 in Smiths favor saying he was dealing with double jepordy.
  • This impacts American Society today because it shows that right or wrong by the crime you cannot be charged twice.

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Amendment 8 - Creul and Unusual Punishment

Roper V. Simmons

  • The case takes place in 2005. Simmons, who at the time was 17, planed and commited Capitol Murder, and at age 18 was sentenced to death. The question was though, is it ok, based off the eigth, and forteenth amendment, to punish children over the ae of 15, but younger than 18 to death.
  • The outcome determinded by the suprime court was that death permited to those under that of 18 years of age is to large of a punishment.
  • This impacts american sosciety today because it disregards those under the age of 18 to be put to death by result of there crimes.