Aggies Move

3rd and 4th Grade PE

Aggie athletes to work with Green's Prairie 3rd and 4th graders

Aggies Move is an SEC endorsed initiative promoting healthy eating and physical activity. In conjunction with Aggie Athletes Involved, the Green's Prairie 3rd and 4th grade students will participate in six sessions of nutrition and physical activity lessons. Three Fridays in the fall and three Fridays in the spring, Aggie athletes from different sports will be coming to PE class to lead lessons with the students.

Dates and Topics

Session 1 - Sept. 11, Hydration with members of the swimming/diving team

Session 2 - Oct. 9, Fruits/Vegetables, Team TBA

Session 3 - Nov. 6, Digestion, Team TBA

Session 4 - Feb. 5, Breakfast, Team TBA

Session 5 - Feb. 26,, Team TBA

Session 6 - Apr. 8, Farm to Table with members of the football team

Athletes are scheduled around their off-season, so the TBA teams could include basketball, track, soccer, baseball, softball, and equestrian.

Monthly Challenge - Win Aggie Gear!!

With each visit, the Aggies will send home a newsletter and a monthly challenge. All students who complete the challenge, with a parent signature, will be given a prize. Prizes include tickets to Aggie games and Aggie gear. The prize awarded for the first challenge will be two tickets to an Aggie volleyball game.