Alliance Academy Weekly Update

December 5, 2014

In this Edition:

  • Art Classes with Mrs. Bowman Starting in January
  • Next Week Study Hall Change
  • Enrichment Reimbursements on Hold for December
  • Thursday Enrichment: Book Fair and Holiday Craft
  • Follow Up from Parent Meeting

Art Class with Mrs. Bowman!

Back by popular demand! Mrs. Bowman, a retired YC teacher, came in last year to teach art classes specifically for Alliance students. Students who went loved them! Mrs. Bowman does an excellent job of breaking down the steps of art so anyone can draw.

This year, Mrs. Bowman has been busy with other art projects but will finally be able to teach classes for us starting in January and running through the rest of the school year.

Classes will be on Wednesdays and we will have two different grade level sections!

1st-3rd grade will meet from 10:30-11:30

4th- 8th grade will meet from 12:30-1:30

The cost of each class will be $15, which will be automatically deducted from your enrichment account. You can sign up for all of the classes or pick and choose. We will have a syllabus and sign up sheet for you soon.

Next Week Study Hall Change

The Alliance staff will be gone on Friday, December 12th for a field trip. Friday study hall will be moved to Thursday, December 11th from 1-3. We will still have a study hall session on Tuesday, 12/9.

Enrichment Reimbursements on Hold

Our accounts manager's last day in December was yesterday, 12/4. She will not return until after winter break. Therefore, we will be unable to process any more reimbursement requests until she returns.

Thursday Enrichment: Book Fair and Holiday Crafts

Thursday 12/11 and 12/18 we will be making holiday crafts! Students will be creating pine cone Christmas trees, snowflakes, cone angels, and more if we have time! If you are able, please bring some pine cones.

Also, on Thursday 12/11, we will be visiting the YC Book Fair in the library from 10:00-10:30. If your student wishes to purchase books, please send cash or check.

P.S. I promise I did spell "enrichment" correctly... it's just showing up as "enrlchment" for some reason...

State Exam Parent Meeting

Thank you to those who came out to the parent meeting last night! Our conversation ended up taking about 50 minutes, so we are working on transcribing the different topics for easier viewing. We will send the video and handouts to you next week.

Also, Donnie Kim wanted to give out some more information he forgot to mention last night:


It was great meeting many of you. I understand and appreciate many of your concerns and do take them to heart. Last night I forgot to mention a couple of items.

The first being that if your student has a documented disability (learning, physical, mental, etc.) it may be beneficial to bring in the documentation and have the school review it to see if your student qualifies for section 504. A 504 plan would provide accommodations for your student during extracurricular activities at the school and for state testing. I want to make sure that we are making education as accessible as possible for your student.

The second item I failed to mention was how participation in state testing affects the district as a whole. We are required by law to test 94.5% of our students as a whole, and as sub-groups. Although your student is in Alliance Academy, their participation is counted for the school in which they would attend. Some of you may have seen the rating that Yamhill Carlton Elementary School earned last year. YCES was actually penalized and their rating lowered from a Level 3 to a Level 2 due to missing the 94.5% participation mark in one sub-group (although they did meet participation as a school). In schools our size, it is easy to miss participation. It is important that your student participate in state testing, not only for participation, but so we can use the information to better meet their educational needs. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me."

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