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Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is the author of Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant. She has won many awards for all of her books that she has wrote. Some awards are Best goodreads, best young adult and fantasy and science fiction. Veronica Roth is from a chicago subarb which is where the story takes place. She studied writing at Northwestern Universtiy and wrote the DIVERGENT series.


DIVERGENT - Trailer - Official [HD] - 2014

Would you be able to keep the secret of being divergent?.... Without dying?


The book Divergent written by Veronica Roth is about the future with a controlling government. When the girls and boys turn 16 they have to choose which faction they want to be in. Factions are the way the city is divided. Each faction represents different things. For example abnegation is selfless. Tris is abnegation, but when she takes the test to see what faction she belongs in, she turns out to be Divergent. Divergent means she is different than everyone else and doesnt belong in a certain faction. When she has to choose she chooses to leave her family and go to Dauntless. Divergent is about Tris training to become Dauntless and the struggles she has to face while hiding she is Divergent.



The setting in Divergent is about a dystopian society. This book takes place in Chicago during the future. This book is almost the same society as The Hunger Games. The only difference is that Hunger Games is separated into Districts instead of factions. The book divegent is another example of a dystoian society.

What was the best part of this book?

In my opinion the best part of the book was in the end. In the end all of the Dauntless were controlled by the Erudite. The dauntless were controlled to kill the Abnegation. But Tris is divergent and could not be controlled by the system so she was awake and watching the whole war. Also four was too because he was Divergent. During the middle of the war they were captured by the head of all factions who want the Divergent killed. At that moment Four was controlled by a system that worked on Divergents and he was ordered to kill Tris , but then they just had her go into a clear room and then it started to fill with water but her mom came and saved her because she was Dauntless before being Abnegation. After Tris found Four she talked and right when he was about to kill her he recognized her voice and stopped and he broke the system.



This book is totally WICKED!! I am, without a doubt, hooked. I want more… NOW!

- Arlene on goodreads.com


this book is just fun.
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- Karen on goodreads.com

Why did the author choose to write this book?

In my opinion this book was written for many reasons. One reason was to show a Dystopian society. She wants to show how the world could be in the future with that type of world. Also she wanted to show that you have to be brave and do what you feel like for yourself just like Tris did when she chose Dauntless instead of staying with her family at Abnegation.