Reinforcement activity

By: Madalyn and Sarah

Weight loss programs

Primary reinforcement-Get you to join these programs and pay for them

Secondary reinforcement-Make you believe you will get the perfect body

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Fast food

Primary reinforcement- Gets you to buy the food

Secondary reinforcement- Makes you think it will really look this good

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Social media

Primary reinforcement- Gets you to join these social media sites and sometimes pay for membership

Secondary reinforcement- Could make you believe that you can become "Instagram famous" etc.

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Primary reinforcement- Gets you to buy the cigarettes

Secondary reinforcement- Could make you think that you will look cool or give you a good feeling.

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Hair coloring

Primary reinforcement- Advises you to buy and color your hair

Secondary reinforcement- Makes you think that your hair will look as stunning as the models.

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Observational Learning Activity

Athletic wear advertisements

Pros: Motivating you to exercise to become stronger and work harder at things you do.

Letting women know that they can be strong and be the best they can be at all they do also. There really isn't any cons

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Anti-bullying advertisements

Pros: To influence others to stand up for someone who is being bullied or even just being a friend to someone who doesn't have any. There is no cons because its always better to help others than to stand by.
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Orphanage advertisements

Pros: You are helping a child and giving them a home when their parents could have abandoned them or they could have lost their parents.

Cons: Taking care of the child could add to how much you already pay for things you need like clothes or food or anything like that and one day could come that you have to tell them that you are not their real parent which could break their heart.

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Pet adoption advertisements

Pros: You are giving that cute little animal a safe home and helping it get back to a healthy state again.

Cons: It can also add to your expenses or where you live (it depend where) might not allow you to have pets so you have to maybe pay more to keep it somewhere else like outside and you have to build a fence or something like that.

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Don't text and drive advertisements

Cons: Texting and driving is a very bad thing. So many people have lost their lives because either they were texting and driving or someone else was.

Pros: The positive side to this though is that these advertisements going out and showing what could happen could prevent it from happening and could stop texting and driving more and more as time goes by.

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