Best Mama Ever

Her Name Is Kim

Mom Paragraph for Mother's Day

Do you know about the greatest Woman in the land? Her name is Kimberly Marie Whalen, AKA : Kimba! She has a funny bone you crack an egg on her head…actually she wouldn’t like that. She gets my places like the bus stop, church, and other places. She makes me laugh so hard I could go jump roping AND basketball at the SAME time! She gets smiles every day, she is always happy, NOT SAD. The great thing is she buys my doughnuts, she likes the cream filled. She is so nice you could barf rainbows and butterflies! We love doing karaoke competitions, she always wins it’s still fun though!

We do parties on friday nights and there awesome. Once we did a pie eating contest and a scavenger hunt, it’s just endless. She is a Pharmacy Technician at Nationwide Childrens Hospital. She gives me a nice place to live and we are moving to the Catalina Club (We can remember the name by CC.) She plays with me and we made up this game called “Next Step” you have to pass the ball back and forth and if it gets out of you square your out. She feeds me in every way she can and it’s always yummy. She has very good friendship with others, she is always helping out. Every game or assignment she is cheering me on by the sidelines. She keeps me safe, there has to be someone to get my by the bus stop or she will call someone to go to the bus stop. She is super funny she does this thing and I call it baboon face because she crosses her eyes and makes her face have a bubble in it. She takes her own responsibility with bills and gas money. She eats lunch with me at school sometimes, it’s really fun and yummy. But, most of all she loves me and I love her all around, no matter what!

Wild Stuff

A Quote About Her By: Rita Scott, her mother

You are going to get through all that life brings you.

A quote about her by: Kenneth Scott, Her father

Hang in there, I love you Kim. You may go in the path that you want because you are special!

She Is The Best At Everything She Does