super walking stick


Name of bug

The scientific name for the walking stick is Phasndtodea.


The walking stick is mostly found in bushes small tree.

Food and diet

The walking stick eats twigs and leaves.


The walking stick eat at night.

Life cycle

The three stages of development are egg,nymph and adult

The female can lay up to 150 eggs

The lifespand is one season


The walking stick can camouflage into trees.


The adaptions of a walking stick is camouflage.


The enemy of the walking stick is a human and a bird.

Interesting facts

The walking stick has the ability to regenerate lost limbs. Some species of walking sticks can squirt a fluid that will make there predators temporarily blind.

My walking stick house

My walking stick house has two rooms and a bathrooms.
Big image

Top body

This is the top of my walking stick house it has the head and bedroom and in the back is the main room and the bathroom.
Big image

The whole thing

This is me holding the whole thing of my walking stick house.
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Left side

This is the left side of my walking stick house it shows the door and legs.
Walking Stick Insect [HD]