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Atlantic Puffin

DIET catches small fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

HABBITAT The Atlantic Puffin can be found on rocky coasts in the Northern Atlantic during breeding season and on the open ocean in non-breeding season.

BEHAVIOUR The Atlantic puffin is well adapted for life in the water. It is an excellent diver and swimmer. Its compact body, strong wings and webbed feet help it dive and maneuver under the water. While the puffin is agile in the water, it is not as graceful in the air and on land! It often crash lands both on the water and on land

Life Cycle The puffin nests in small colonies. The male uses his bill and feet to dig a nesting burrow on an ocean cliff or island. The nest is lined with grass. The nest may also be made in a rocky crevice. The female lays a single egg and both parents incubate the egg by tucking it under a wing and leaning against it. The egg hatches in about 40 days and both parents feed the chick for another 40 days. The adult Atlantic puffin can carry as many as 30 small fish in its bill to feed to its chick. Male and female pairs may mate for more than one season

Five Fun Facts

1.There also knoiw as the “sea parrots” or the “clowns of the sea,” 2.When a puffin is around 3-5 years old, it will choose a partner at sea to mate with for life. 3.The Puffins coulor fades in winter and brightens in summer! 4.
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