Stonegate Staff News

May 6, 2016

Staff Recognitions and Celebrations:

  • Talana and Gena would like to thank Frances for getting all of our goodies for us this week! We also want to thank you for cleaning our storage closet over the weekend!We appreciate everything you do for us!
  • Toni would like to send a big huge thank you to Deb for making the awesome Kindergarten video WHILE doing R3D testing!! The kids love it and the parents will cry!!

  • Toni would like to thank Rebekah Wolff for her concern, words of wisdom and encouragement!.. I've got my mat and I'm just going to get up!!!

  • Toni would like to thank Talana for her smiling support and quick feet!!

  • Toni would like to thank Stacy Kelly you OWL-ways make me smile!!
  • Toni would like to thank Angela Fincher for ALWAYS helping me with my "techy issues" and not rolling her eyes (that I can see) at my many questions! You are my hero..... I'm working on your cape!!!

  • Gena would like to thank Jeff and Angela for helping everyone with their technology issues this week! You both have been awesome! I also appreciate the entire staff being so patient!

  • Gena would like to thank Deb and Sarah for working so hard to get the testing done and everything else you are trying to fit in for me!

  • Gena would also like to thank Debbie for making the Kinder video for Kindergarten kick-off! It is so cute!

  • Talana would like to thank Gena for handling both of our jobs last week for three days while I was in training.

  • Talana would to thank 4th grade for your patience with me addressing some discipline issues.

  • Talana would like to thank Frances, Angela, Shannon V, and the whole team who helped prepare the Reading Oasis. It looks great!

  • Talana would like to thank Lisa for building close relationships with your students and advocating for them.

  • Talana would also like to thank all of you who are preparing STAAR snacks! It takes our whole village!

What to wear...

  • On STAAR days we will dress professionally to show our students we want them to do their best! We also will have district visitors in the building.
  • Week of May 16- May 20- No jeans due to award ceremonies
  • May 20- K-2 may wear appropriate shorts or jeans and Stonegate shirts for their 1/2 day fun day
  • May 23- Professional dress... 3rd grade may wear jeans for their field trip
  • May 24- Jeans and Stonegate shirt
  • May 25- Jeans and team shirt or Stonegate shirt
  • May 26- shorts or jeans
  • May 31- shorts or jeans
  • June 1- Professional dress for morning at PMC/ shorts or jeans for afternoon
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Article of the Week

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Important Dates:

WEEK OF MAY 9 (Happy Nurses Week to Carla)


STAAR Math- 3, 4, 6

STAAR Math Retest- 5

Progress Reports Go Home


STAAR Reading 3, 4, 6

STAAR Reading Retest - 5


STAAR Science 5
Detention- Cho


Faculty Meeting @ 3:15

PTA Meeting @ 6:00


Fun 1/2 day - 3, 4, 5


6 Stones Black and Blue Run



Fundraiser Magic Show @ 9:00 (only for students that qualify)

6th grade 1/2 day fun day
K-2 meet with Deb and Sarah for R3D analysis Rm 15


6th grade visits Buinger Center

Awards- PreK @ 9:00

Awards- PreK @ 11:30

K-2 meet with Deb and Sarah for R3D analysis Rm 15


Awards- Kinder @ 9:00

Awards- 1st @ 1:30

Detention- Maxwell


Choir to NRH20

Kinder EOY R3D Analysis @ 8:45

2nd EOY R3D Analysis @ 11:45

1st EOY R3D Analysis @ 1:15

Awards- 2nd- @ 9:00

Awards- 3rd- @ 1:30


Awards- 4th @ 9:00

Awards- 5th @ 1:30

K-2 1/2 day fun day

Failure Forms Due

WEEK of MAY 23


Happy Birthday Sarah Oliver

6th grade awards @ 9:00


Talent Show @ 9:00


Early Release for students/Last day of school


Happy Birthday Teri Pate


No school


No school


CI PD Day 1


CI PD Day 2- We will begin our day at PMC from 8:00-11:00

Positive Office Refferals:

Week of May 9





Week of May 16