Danger Zone

David Klass

By: Kodjo Atikpohou

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When Jimmy Doyle joins the "Teen Dream Team" made up of all Black to represent the United State in the International basketball tournament in Rome. While at Los Angeles Jimmy made an unexpected discovery about racism, politic and how the black were treated. Their arrival at Rome struck fame. Crowd, camera crews were waiting for them. As the step into view, crowd start yelling "Teen Dream Team""Teen Dream Team". During their first game, the crowd were going wild Yelling "Teen Dream Team". The won their first game. Things was about to change for the team during their second against the German. At the end of the first half, they crowd was going to wild and threw something at Augustus and he went up and start fighting. At the end of this game they were about to loose but the come up and won. After this game things changes for them and the receive treat. The Third, Fourth games was tough for them, but they find a way to win it. During the Championship, the Teen Dream Team was struggling without their shooter, or post defender. But one of the post defender Augustus tried his best to win the game. After throwing up, Jimmy finally got into his zone and was put back in the game. Coming to win the game with four second left they had a big assignment that should be done before the could win or tie the game. It was to play their best and tried to tied the game with four second left. They dribble the ball up with all the guy covered, Shawn threw a pass to Jimmy and he caught it. Jimmy turn around with his back into the defender and turn and hit threw the ball up and in. The crowd went wild. A little guy with a gun run into the court and shoot. while Jimmy tried to get away from the bullet, he got shot in the knee and this basketball game might be his last.


The Theme of this book is even if you are different than other, doesn't mean you can't be good as anybody else. Jimmy learn that when he was playing in the International team in Rome.

Point of View

It is written in first person point view.

Questions and Responses

  • Did you notice reoccurring symbols? What were they?

Yes, the basketball because Jimmy and his teammate like paying basketball.

  • Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme?

Jimmy Doyle play an important role because he learn stuff about his teammate, politics than he have before joining the Teen Dream Team.

  • What was the author’s purpose for writing this book?

The author purpose for writing this book was to entertain its reader about basketball and what might really happen in real life.

  • Was the ending satisfactory (for fiction)? Why or why not?
The end was not satisfactory because Jimmy might not be able play basketball anymore.