Genetically Modified Plants

They're Great!

Did You Know?

  • GMOs can be modified so that they will last longer on the shelf making them healthier and safer for us to eat. It can also be modified to contain less oils or fats so that it is even healthier for our bodies.
  • GMOs also help farmers who earn very little compared to the corporate industries of the current day economy yield more crops. They can be modified so that crops are resistant to pests so that growers can avoid losses are earn more.
  • Farmers spend much money every year to protect their crops with pesticides and herbicides. These can end up in the bellies of the animals eating these crops or even end up in rivers and irrigation systems. GMOs help maintain our environment.
  • Genetically modifying plants is completely natural. Civilization has been doing for millennia every time that a seed is planted. Crops have gone through generations and generations of genetic change and hybridization.
  • GMOs are hope for solving the problem of world hunger. Higher yields of crops means a surplus, meaning extra food that can be distributed to areas of the world suffering from poverty and famine.
  • GMOs are also very thoroughly tested and highly regulated. GMOs are the safest foods out there according to the rules set by FDA