Antonio Vivaldi

1678-1741 created by Nicolas Reus

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Early years

Antonio Vivaldi was introduced to music by his father, Giovanni Battista. His father introduced him to many talented musicians and composers from Venice. Vivaldi enriched his musical education and also studied to become a priest. During that same period of his life he learned he had asthma, which impaired him from learning how to play woodwind instruments. When he finished his studies as priest he was called the ''red'' priest'' His asthma condition made it difficult for him to do mass, so he left the clergy soon afterward.
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Map of Italy from de Wit's atlas 1689

This map is from de Wit's atlas and the date of the map is 1689, it shows all of Italy including islands near the Italian mainland. Most importantly it shows Venice where the famous composer I'm doing my flyer about was born and spent most of his life there.Vivaldi taught music at Ospedalle de la Pieta, he let the female students play at concerts behind an iron lattice. He did that because at the time women weren't allowed to play their instruments in public.
The four seasons are some of the most known songs by Antonio Vivaldi. He made a song for each season changing the mood of each song while still using the same violin concerto.

Some of songs were very lively, while some of them were not very cheerful.He was so successful that Emperor CharlesVI hired him as a musician, sadly Charles died shortly after and nobody was looking to hire Vivaldi. Sadly he died shortly after in 1741.

Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Other Known music

Gloria,Magnificat, Judithatriumphans and Orlando furioso are other pieces by Antonio Vivaldi. Those are some of the most outstanding pieces by Antonio.He composed many more songs ,some not as famous as the other ones. But we all agree that Antonio was an outstanding composer and his songs will always be remembered as some of the best songs ever.

Antonio Vivaldi's legacy


Antonio Vivaldi's Legacy will always live on . People learn about his music all the time and also listen to it.Famous musicians play his pieces at enormous theaters that are attended by thousands of people around the world. There are museums purely dedicated to him and his music, there are also videos on YouTube about him and his music. In the end Vivaldi will always be remembered as a great musician and his music will be remembered as some of the greatest songs.

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