The Atomic Bomb

the first atomic bomb by: Avery Breakfield #1

On August 2 1939 Albert Einstein wrote to then Franklin D. Roosevelt. Einstein and several other scientist told Roosevelt of efforts in Nazi Germany to purify(clean) uranium-235(u-235)to build an atomic bomb.The u-235 could construct an atomic bomb.It was known as the "Manhattan project".The most complicated issue to be adressed in making of an atomic bomb was the production of big amounts of "enriched" uranium.

To make this task even more difficult, the useful u-235 and nearly useless u-238 are substances,nearly the same chemical make up.U-235 can construct an atomic bomb.The u-235 could build an atomic bomb that can destroy and kill many people and towns.This task was well known as the "Manhattan project".The "Manhattan project" took as long as 5 full years to fully complete.This project was constructed with many scientist that had the brains to do this elaborate scheme. And they tested the bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killing lots of Japanese people.

On this day August 2,1939 Albert Einstein wrote an letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt.The u-235 can construct the same DNA bomb as the nuke the atomic bomb.This 5 full year long task was known as the "Manhattan project". Many people will remember this day as the "Manhattan project" that killed many Japanese children,men, and women with 2 atomic bombs that the best brains of all built.