Graduation Details for Seniors

Raven Homeschool, Juneau Office

Only a few of our seniors made it to our Videoconference check-in with Ryan last week, so we wanted to follow up with an email to make sure everyone was provided with the important information that we covered. Please take some time to read through these announcements and add the deadlines to your calendars. Thanks!

Meeting Agenda & Spring Events/Workshops

Here is a link to the agenda that we covered on Jan 14 as well as an overview of the events and workshops that we have planned for our high school students this spring. Click me!

Raven Logo for Graduation Announcements

Many of you will probably want to make/order graduation announcements to send out to family and friends. (Even if they can't make it to the event, it is nice to let them know and they will often send a congratulations card/gift.) If you would like to include the Raven logo on your announcement, click here for the older YKSD logo or the new Raven Homeschool logo.

Mementos for Display

Now is a great time to start thinking about what mementos you would like to display at graduation to showcase your homeschooling years. You can do a presentation board, bring in items you made, scrapbook your adventures, or whatever is uniquely you. We at least want everyone to have a framed 5x7 or 8x10 photo of themselves to display in our reception area.

CCRA Testing Required for Graduation

Most of you have already completed one of the College and Career Readiness Assessments (CCRA) which is a requirement for graduation, but if you have not taken one of the following exams, please contact us ASAP to get on the schedule to test. Click these links for FAQs about the assessments or for a comparison of the three.

WorkKeys - window for testing closes April 1 and can be scheduled at any time that fits your schedule

ACT - offered at our office on March 1, contact the office to be added to our list

SAT - offered at our office on March 2, contact the office to be added to our list

*Note: Other date options for the ACT and SAT are available at the local high school. Our school code to ensure that the scores are sent to us is 020193.

Important Dates/Deadlines

February 1

*Cap/Gown - Please make sure you have told us your height by this deadline so that we can get the correct size of cap/gown ordered for everyone. The cost (approx $26) will be taken from allotment and you get to keep the set after graduation.

*Class Motto - We would like to include a class motto in our graduation program and have asked for suggestions at our last two meetings. Please submit your suggestions by Feb 1 and then we will send out a Survey Monkey to let everyone vote on their favorite.

Here is what we have received so far:

~Life is what you make of it.

~If life is a rose and we are the petals, then let us live life until we fall.

~Pressing on toward the prize.

~The sky is not the limit, just the beginning.

~Nothing we do changes the past. Everything we do changes the future.

~Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.

April 1

*Plans for After Graduation - Please let us know your plans for after graduation by April 1. We like to include this in our graduation program. Check out past programs: click me!

*Photos for Video Slideshow - Review those priceless snapshots of your childhood years and pick out 8-10 that progress from younger to present day. Please also number them for us from youngest to oldest. You may bring printed photos to the office for us to scan, or you can give us digital photos by email, thumb drive, etc. Check out some of our past graduation slideshows: Click me!

*Song Suggestions for Slideshow - If you have any suggestions for the songs we should use for the slideshow video, please submit them to us by April 1. Since we have quite a few graduates this year, we will probably need 3-4 songs for the whole video.

May 15

*Course Completion Deadline to walk in the graduation ceremony - All coursework must be completed and grades/samples submitted by this date. This gives us enough time to finalize grades, print diplomas, and get them mailed down to us in time for graduation.

May 20

*Graduation Party - Join us at the Auke Rec Main Shelter from 5-7pm for a bonfire party and picnic to celebrate your achievement with your classmates.

May 24

*Graduation Rehearsal at ABBC 10:45am - We will run through what the night of graduation will look like to make sure everyone knows what to expect. Parents do not need to attend, but can if they want to. It is not a dress rehearsal.

May 26

*Decorating for Graduation - We will be decorating the church and setting up tables and chairs starting at 12:30pm. The more hands helping, the quicker and easier this task will go.

*Graduation Ceremony - Graduates need to arrive at Auke Bay Bible Church by 6pm and the ceremony will begin at 6:30pm followed by a reception with cake, punch, and finger foods.

Need Help? Contact our High School Counselor!

Ryan Tilbury, our High School Counselor, is here to help you in addition to your advisory teacher. Please give him a call or send him an email if you need guidance.