Reading Strategies

Featuring Harvey "Smokey" Daniels

Strategy Number One

Read with a Question in Mind:

You want students to enter the text thinking! They need to begin reading with a purpose.

  • Have students skim the text paying close attention to titles, bold type, charts, sidebars, and headings. They develop questions they hope will be answered after reading the text. Have students read the text and mark in the text or mark with a sticky note where they found the answer to their question. Model this strategy first before having them try it on their own.

Strategy Number Two

Quotation Mingle:

  • Get your students engaged in the text and out of their seats. You will need sentence strips or index cards for this strategy. From an article or chapter,choose eight interesting sentences and copy them onto the sentence strips or index cards.
  • Each student would need a card. You will have duplicates.
  • Explain to the students that they will have a "quotation mingle" where you will take your card and walk around the room and discuss your quotes with the other students. They can only talk to one other student at a time.
  • Their job is to figure out what the article will be about by reading the sentence and talking with seven people with different sentences.
  • Have students take turns reading their quotation aloud and then discuss what they think the article will be about.
  • You will want to keep this moving so give them a time limit as they rotate through each partner.

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