Bobcat Pride

Sunset Valley Elementary

The Principal's Den

Since my last update, I have been crazy excited about getting things going. So far, I have ordered Kindergarten and 1st grade tables, student desks and chairs, conference room tables, teacher workstations, cabinets, library shelving & seating, cafeteria tables and the list goes on...picking laminate table top colors, chair fabrics, seat and desk colors too. Sunset Valley is truly going to be an amazing place to learn!

Teachers from all over the district and in the DFW area have emailed, called and texted to express their interest in joining the Sunset Valley family. I am in the process of interviewing many fine candidates and will begin introducing teachers and staff as soon as it becomes official.

Important Dates to Remember

Thursday, August 18 - Meet the Teacher

Tuesday, August 23 - 1st Day of School

Members of OUR Bobcat far. :)

What's New ?

Our hallways and offices will be named as follows:

  • "A" rooms - office & administration area
  • "B" rooms - Library & Special's rooms
  • "C" rooms - co-curr & cafe
  • "K" rooms - Kindergarten
  • "1", "2", "3", "4" rooms - 1st - 6th grade rooms (for example room 102 is a 1st grade classroom or room 303 is a 3rd grade classroom.)


Check out these aerial views!

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