Digital citizenship project

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What is Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is a 7 rule thing you use the be safe and nice online. You can use digital citizen ship when ever your online. There are 7 rules you haft to follow. Digital citizenship is also used when you think before you post a picture or video online.

7 rules for digital citizenship

  1. Digital Etiquette: Think before you post
  2. Information Privacy: Don't share personally information to anyone
  3. Social Networking: Don't post any thing you don't want anyone to see
  4. Online safety: Keep you Identity to yourself and don't give any personally information away.
  5. Cyber bullying: Don't be mean to someone online or send mean messages and don't post photos that people don't want you to post.
  6. Plagiarism: Don't steel another persons work and don't copy their work. Don't copy someone else work.
  7. Copyright: Don't copy and past without permission from the owner.
Digital Etiquette