The Southwest

By: Alicia Guajardo and Roy Tapia


The southwest is in the south western part of the North American continent


Some physical characteristics of the southwest are: mountains, deserts, canyons, and plateaus. It's a very dry, hot region.

Human Environment Interaction

People hunt the animals they find, for example coyote, beats, rabbit, deer, mointain lions, wolf, and other grassland animals. When they kill one animal a few more animals can die, corrupting the food chain which affects our lives in the long run.


Southwestern land is used on growing crops, more than 60% is used for cattle/ sheep. The land is great for farming on. The farmers in the southwest use only certain crops that the soil is made for such as wheat, hay, and cotton


A lot of the people in this region are from Mexico so Mexican traditions and beliefs are practiced in this area. African Americans are also found in this region so their beliefs are practiced also. Not only are they practiced in this region but they can be found in different parts all over the United States and Canada


Other regions are dependent on the southwest for the crops they plant and trade/ sell. Most of the cotton from the United States comes from the Southwestern region. The region is close to Mexico so its less work to trade with them. They depend on Europe for the oil and gas. The region depends on South America for fruits such as oranges, bananas, strawberries, etc..