Reading Matters

Mountainburg Public School focus on Reading

Reading matters.....

Reading matters greatly. It is the gateway to open imagination, creativity, and productivity. Yet many readers struggle. The costs of illiteracy are high:

  • $20 Billion dollars - the annual cost of illiteracy to businesses and taxpayers
  • 7000 High School Students - drop out daily on average, illiteracy is the primary cause
  • 75% - 3 out of 4 of those on welfare are illiterate
  • 66% - 3 out of 5 inmates are illiterate

Our schools are taking action to improve reading to ensure high levels of learning for All students, with strategic actions plans that include professional development, curriculum development, and time and support for all learners.

Professional Development

In the 2018-2019 school year K-12 teachers are participating in Arkansas' R.I.S.E. training. Mrs. Jones and the K-2 teachers began their six days of training in June and will resume during professional development days through the year. Teacher Leaders Sue Holcomb and Colleen Allen will lead three days of training for teachers in grades 3-6, and Mr. Rutherford will lead the 7-12 staff through the first six of eighteen modules.

The goals of this initiative include:

Goal 1: Sharpen the focus and strengthen instruction.

Goal 2: Create community collaboration.

Goal 3: Build a culture of reading!

Curriculum Development

Grades K-2 are implementing a quality phonics program, Fundations. This program will provide foundation skills as teachers ensure all students are reading at or above grade level. K-12 literacy teachers are collaborating together as teams to identify the essential reading skills, plan instruction, assess learning, and provide support for students who struggle and extending for students ready to excel. Content teachers will do the same to target literacy skills in content subjects.

Intervention - Time & Support

We know that not all learning happens at the same pace or in the same way. Students will participate in daily intervention and extension sessions to practice and build their skills in comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, silent reading rates, stamina, and reading interest using Reading Plus and teacher instruction. Students and parents can access Reading Plus at home as well. We will use results from student progress in Reading Plus to set goals, monitor progress, plan instruction, and measure growth.

This focus on literacy supports our mission to ensure high levels of learning for ALL, and our district goal that 100% of our students will read, write, and perform in math and science at or above grade level.

If you have any questions please contact principals or me.

Yours truly,

Dr. Debbie Atwell

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We will ensure levels of learning for ALL.


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  1. 100% performing at or above grade level in reading, writing, science, and math
  2. Our ACT mean score will be a 26
  3. 100% of our students will graduate
  4. 100% of our students will develop a heart of giving through community service