2016-17 Concert Band Auditions

Cedar Rapids Jefferson High school

Audition Informaiton

The purpose of this audition is for placement in either the wind symphony or symphonic band for the 2016-17 school year. It will also place you in chair order for your section. This audition will also help the orchestra and show choir directors place you in those ensembles as well, if interested. How you do on this audition is totally up to you. Practicing the material is highly encouraged. Being a member of Wind Symphony last year, does not automatically qualify you for this year.

Concert Band Auditions

Tuesday, Oct. 18th, 7am to Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 8:30am

1243 20th Street Southwest

Cedar Rapids, IA

Band Audition Requirements

1. Two etudes for your instrument (80 points possible)
a. If there are 3 etudes on the page, select 2.
b. Percussion—play both snare (use normal stickings) and mallet etude
c. All-State—you may use these etudes instead
d. Assessment Categories: Tone Quality, Intonation, Rhythm, Technique, Dynamics, Articulation, Range and Musicianship

2. Bb Chromatic Scale (5 points)
a. Minimum is one octave
b. Extra points for memorization and more than one octave
c. If possible play the entire range of the instrument

3. Major Scales up to 3 flats and Sharps (35 points, with lots of potential for extra points)
a. These are for your instrument, not concert pitches
b. C, F, Bb, Eb, G, D, A major scales are required
c. Does not need to be memorized
d. Must be at least one octave
e. Extra points for each scale---more than one octave and memorized
f. You can play all 12 major scales for lots of extra points

Click on a button below to find and print your etudes. Hard copies of etudes can be found in the band room.