Discrimination and Woman's Rights

How Discrimination and Woman's Rights changed America


Discrimination in the past in America

  • African American were faced with many discrimination from people not from their culture or family
  • Discrimination happened when the immigrants came to America from Europe
  • They also faced many discrimination when running for president
  • There was a lot of discrimination in the 1900 to the 2000

More information about Discrimination in the past in America

  • Racism and ethnic discrimination has been a issue since the colonial era and the slave era
  • Martin Luther tried to fight back against discrimination
  • Martin Luther did many protest to get his idea across
  • He also won the Nobel Prize
  • He fought with many people to stop discrimination in the past in America
Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech
Martin Luther Dream Speech

Discrimination in America Currently

  • Today, immigrants are thought to cause trouble in America
  • A lot of violence is happening because people are thinking the wrong way with immigrants
  • Currently African Americans are being killed just because of their skin color

More information about discrimation in America currently

  • Many people in other countries are working in American jobs and many people are against them
  • Arizona recently passed a law that force people to carry their documents to show that they are a citizen of America

Discrimination in the world Currently

  • Throughout the world many people including in the U.S are facing discrimination against their religion
  • Also in the world men are getting more money than woman
  • Discrimination is everywhere in the world currently

Why people might hold prejudice ideas against people they don't even know

  • I think people hold prejudice ideas because people just see the first look of people, not actually meet them
  • People might also have prejudice ideas against others because they came from another country that they never been too
  • Another reason would be that they are not the same race as them.

Woman's Rights

Major events in Woman's rights in history of America between 1900 to 2000

  • In 1917, New York granted woman the right to vote
  • On January 1, 1977, Jacqueling Means became the first woman to be ordained to the priesthood in the Episcopal church
  • In 1961, John Kennedy established the president's commission on the status of woman and he appointed Eleanor Roosevelt as chairwoman

How men are treated differently than woman in America currently

  • Woman might get less of the credit than men
  • They also might also get less pay then men
  • In a meeting woman are interrupted or ignored

More information of how Men are treated differently in America

  • Their is a 20 percent pay gap between woman and men in the same line of work
  • Many people are trying to get the same money for woman and men for the same work type

How men are treated differently than woman in the world currently

  • When woman are at the age between 9 to 16 are forced to marry in Saudi Arabia
  • In Saudi Arabia they are not allow to drive
  • they are also need to cover their face
  • Living in Saudi Arabia is very dangerous for woman

The key person who is famous for fighting for woman's rights in America and in the world currently

  • Malala Yousafzai became a leading advocate for woman's rights
  • She is big in education and woman's rights
  • Judy Goldsmith was the president for the national organization for woman (1982 to 1985)
  • Judy Goldsmith leads and share ideas to fight woman's rights
  • Shadi Sadr was another woman's rights activist

Discrimination and woman's rights in the novel Make Lemonade

  • The author showed a lot of Discrimination and woman's rights in her novel
  • At the beginning of the book Jolly said to LaVaugh that she isn't strong but Jolly was basing her idea off of the way she looks
  • Jolly losing her job show that she didn't get paid a lot when she was at her last job and this is a good example of woman's rights

How Discrimination and woman's rights affected the novel and the story

  • Discrimination and woman's rights changed the story line by someone just saying something will make the character not get a job like Jolly
  • Jolly saying LaVaugh doesn't look strong is very mean and very discrimination

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Woman's Rights

Discrimination and woman's rights in Make Lemonade the novel