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800-961-1963-Remotely Unlock a Locked iPad with iCloud

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If Apple locks your device due to security reasons, you must understand that it is not going to be a child’s play to get access or restore the device. Several users do come across such conditions when they find their iOS devices locked and they are now no longer able to access data files on their device.

Although iCloud doesn’t offer any dedicated feature to allow the users to unlock their iPad, however there are some useful and effective techniques that you can use to unlock a locked iPad through iCloud settings. iCloud’s Find my Device and backup services are two key features that you can use to get your device back to its original condition. For a better and quicker understanding over the procedures to unlock your iPad remotely, you should visit learn how to unlock iCloud locked iPad air or how to lock iPad for iCloud backup.

As we have discussed, the process comprises of some harsh steps that erase every content and data file from your computer system. You should be aware at all levels while unlocking the device. You would better select a reliable third-party Apple iCloud technical support service provider and get the issues resolved instantly without any technical hurdles.

Today, more than a few sources to fetch quality services are available that you can approach to find a right technical help to unlock iPad Air with iCloud backup by the drop of your hat. If you don’t want to come across any technical hurdles or any additional issues while unlocking iPad through iCloud, access a reliable independent technician and ensure no technical problem comes your way.

Here are some procedures that you can use to unlock your device:

· Launch the iCloud sign-in page and provide your Apple ID credentials to log into iCloud

· Click "Find My iPhone," then select "All Devices"

· Choose your device from the drop down list and click “Erase iPad”

· Provide your Apple ID credentials when asked

· Wait for a while until the remote erase procedure gets completed

· Follow the instructions seen on the display

· Once completed, choose "Restore from iCloud Backup" option

And thus the process completes in this way. Keep in mind, your iPad should be connected to the data network or Wi-Fi connection during the entire procedure. In addition, you should also be ready to face any unfortunate event if anything goes wrong dial toll free helpline number for Apple password recovery and reset page for iPad iCloud lock removal service.

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