EAT Semester Final Exam

Giselle Rios

TAFE/Ed Rising and TRAFLES

Teaching : Mini lesson for my kindergarten class.

Recreation : Christmas party.

Appreciation of Teachers : Christmas gift.

Fundraising : Nothing.

Leadership : Nothing.

Education Awareness : Nothing.

Service Projects : Nothing.

My plans for the remainder of the year is to get more involved in the class. I would get involved by participating in after school program or signing up to help on just all activities going on at my site school.

My Future as a Teacher

To help prepare myself as a teacher i have done mini lesson plans for my classes, tutored the kids that need help, graded papers, and have learned how to get the students attention for when i need them all to listen.

I have taken the PSAT. The colleges that i am considering are Baylor University, UNT or TWU. I have visited Baylor University. My dream school is Baylor because i have been there and really liked the campus.