Rakaia School Term 2 Week 1

Newsletter May 3

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome to the second term of 2021. I hope the holidays were eventful and you enjoyed having the children home. The staff are excited to have the children back.

We welcome Mrs Tracey Currie to the staff. Tracey is working for Mrs Marr who is currently on leave for term 2. Tracey will be working full days Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in Mahi Tahi supporting Year 7-8 and Mrs Jenkins.

We will have a full school assembly this Friday May 7th at 2.15pm to welcome everyone back and set the scene for the term ahead.

We also welcome Cady Stevens, Jahzia Reihana-Witehira, Aurora Campbell and Kara Calder to team Ako. I am sure your days at Rakaia School will be full of fun and learning.

We farewelled Gloria Saxon to Ashburton and the Yaubele family who have moved to Wellington. We wish you all the best with your new changes and hope your time at Rakaia was memorable.

150th Jubilee

Our next meeting is Monday April 12th and we welcome your input. We will be exploring the order of events and checking in on the developments.

This is an overview of follow up points from the last meeting:

  • Mark to follow up with the Flash Ash about Saturday night and a buffet as well as some accommodation options.

  • Carolyn to check with the motor camp.

  • Pauline to check with the Hall committee.

  • A facebook page to be created MP & ME.

  • Carolyn and Pauline to check in with local associations about commemorative material and merchandise.

  • The weekend would include a Friday conversatione, Saturday parade and event at school to celebrate the heritage and vintage days of 150 years. Clubs and groups could have stalls and photos would be taken as well as a cake cut on Saturday. The local Chairman would speak as well as the Principal. Children would perform.

  • Saturday night would be a buffet in Ashburton with buses put on from Rakaia.

  • Sunday would be a Church Service and luncheon.

  • Merchandise would include a booklet, pen, badge and possibly other items to be ordered.

  • A commemorative plaque could be placed somewhere.

Pink Slips

The staff are awarded Pink slips to acknowledge support they have offered each other. These slips can also be presented by students and parents if a staff member has helped you. This small recognition keeps a culture of support ticking along in the school. They are available in the school office.

Cross Country

Our annual Cross Country event with Dorie and ACS is on Friday, 14th May, starting 12.30pm at Bedford’s Farm, Dorie. More information will come home in week 1. All children are practising at school to participate and prepare them for this event. Year 0-2 approximately 500m , Year 3-4 approximately 1km, Year 5/6 run 2km and Year 7/8 run 3km.

While long distance running is not enjoyable to everyone nor their strength it is part of the school curriculum and it is expected that every child will participate and do their best. How we manage it in our team is the children are given a minimum practice distance to run each day , with a view that they run;jog;run/walk at their pace and slowly increase the distance run each day. Our passionate runners choose to run more than the minimum and they set themselves their targets as well.

Long story short, the children set their own goals and we encourage them to push themselves a little more each day with practice. If your child is injured or sick and it is obvious that they are then they will be excused when they talk to their teacher. However, if it is not obvious a note from home is required excusing them. Please tell us how long you expect your child not to participate for and what the reason for them not to participate is. I hope this clarifies the expectation of your child during cross country training.

Jack Tame - Q & A Programme

There was a very interesting discussion on this programme about the state of Mathematics in NZ and in particular in NZ primary and Intermediate Schools. I do encourage you to watch this so you can be informed and also ask questions.

At Rakaia School Mr Dawson is the Maths lead teacher and he is currently working with a team of teachers and also an expert to review the goals for maths in our school.

Our 2020 results were Numeracy: 0verall 69% compared to 76% for those who started with us

Year 1: 70% (compared to 71% that started at our school)

Year 2: 81% (compared to 81% that started at our school)

Year 3 67% (compared to 77% that started at our school)

Year 4: 71% (compared to 76% that started at our school)

Year 5: 59% (compared to 73% that started at our school)

Year 6: 69% (compared to 70% that started at our school)

Year 7: 50% (compared to 50% that started at our school)

Year 8: 71% (compared to 100% that started at our school)

So you can see we have some work to do in Year 6 and 8 for the 2021 year and have an aim to have 75% of our children where they need to be by the end of the 2021 year.

Our teachers are working hard to ensure your children have the knowledge and skills to solve everyday problems in an ever changing world.

I would suggest you play number games at home, talk about money and giving change as well as the importance of saving versus spending.