Fat Diminisher - What Is It?

An Overview on the Fat Diminisher

How Does the Fat Diminisher Work?

Fat Diminisher is all the rage now as the new fat loss program. It is the work of renowned fitness expert Wes Virgin who took inspiration both from science and classicism and came up with a unique formula that takes female fat loss to a new level.

  • The Science part of the program is based on progressive weight loss depending on your body fat ratio, software to calculate your calories as you go along, body measurement software, workout guidelines and the paramount restoration of the leptin hormone sensitivity.

There are specific nutritional guidelines to make this happen and an intriguing little known herb that alone accounts for a 50% increase in leptin sensitivity, hence fat burning.

What Is the Fat Diminisher?

Having said that, the Fat Diminisher program would not be complete without solid advice on nutrition and workouts. It comes complete with a software where you input specific body measurements such as height, waist, shoulder and weight, giving you customized, tailor suited guidelines in order to achieve your goals.

The calorie software, gives you a detailed blueprint on your calorie intake day by day and week by week. It recalculates your daily requirements as you lose weight to prevent lean muscle loss. The idea behind it is that one's body can reduce fat faster at the beginning, but as it gets leaner it cannot sustain the same calorie deficit any longer or it'll start wasting muscle too.

This means that as you grow leaner you should and you must progressively eat more until you reach a balance point.

One very important aspect of this program is that you are not left alone but have the support of a dedicated social community where women in the same situation encourage each other, showcase their results and ask and give advice. This social aspect is very important for self confidence and accountability and helps stay on track.

The combination of sound scientific background, classicism ideals and real results on the field make this fat loss program for women stand out amongst other similar programs.