Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 9-28-15


As you know, one of our major focuses this year is creating relationships. Now that we are nearly 1/4 through the school year, reflect on your progress towards making relationships with your students?

Have you made time to talk to each student during NE every week like we discussed at the start of the year? Do you know the background story of your students? We all know the impact we could potentially have on our students, don't let another 1/4 of the year go by without making those connections!

Part of my principal leadership group was to research some different topics that interest me and our school. While doing that I found this great video!


October 2nd PD

Just a reminder that October 2nd is a half day in-service. This will go from 7:45-11:30. The first part of the morning we will be in the auditorium as a staff listening to a group from the Manufacturing Education Alliance. They are developing a partnership between schools and industry and helping educate all of us on their career opportunities and future potential of high wages. This will help us in preparing our students for careers after schooling.

After the MEA presentation, staff will be split up to rooms in the high school for NWEA training. Math and ELA have already received an email from Becca and from NWEA regarding setting up an account. Everyone will be attending the NWEA training because we will run a schedule for testing where all teachers will be proctors. There will be a lead person in your room helping with the training but it will be done through a webinar training on your laptop.

Marking missing assignments

Just a reminder to continue to mark missing assignments. Also, when doing final grades, DO NOT go back through and take the missing assignment icon from the grade book. Our special education staff uses the missing assignment totals for progress monitoring and need those marking properly in the grade book.


Bill will be presenting on school safety

Idea Bandit

Only one week left to get your Idea Bandit's completed. I have many of these turned in and some people are finished already. Some have not started yet, be sure to get these completed before the end of the 9 weeks.


Monday- Deming out am for principal meeting

Tuesday- Deming out Indianapolis- Indiana Principal Leadership Institute

Wednesday- Deming out Indianapolis- School Safety

Thursday- Deming out Indianapolis- School Safety