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Alcohol road crashes - Teenagers

Teenage Alcohol crashes

Teenage drinking has be come more and more common the highest involvement rates in all types of crashes and most are fatal the wost problem is the age from 17-18 because they have the most limited experience in driving

Teen Road Crash Statistics

Injury involving car crashes is biggest killer of Australian youth; more than all other causes combined
45 per cent of all young Australian injury deaths are due to road traffic crashes
The injury death rate for Indigenous youth is 5 times greater than for non-Indigenous youth
Young drivers (17-25 years) represent one-quarter of all Australian road deaths, but are only 10-15% of the licensed driver population
The biggest killer of young drivers is speeding and around 80 per cent of those killed

Horror Crash Teenager Dies

Please stop and think this could happen to you .... slow down ....
just because you had just one cup to drink doesn't make it OK think before you drive have a plan B