Searcing For A New Home

Look no further—Kepler-22b is here! [Eddie Noone]

Common Name: Kep

Kepler-22b in Numbers

The diameter of the planet is 19,002 mi. (Earth's diameter is 7,917.5 mi.)

The distance from its sun is 78 million mi. (Earth's distance is 92.96 million mi.)

The average temperature is 72 degrees F. (Earth's average is 61 degrees F.)

Length of a day is 19 hours. (Earth's length is 24 hours.)

Length of a year is 290 days. (Earth's length is 365.25.)

The distance from Earth is 600 light-years.

The value of "g" on Kepler-22b is 43680473.8 kg.

I would be 17 years old if I lived on the planet.

I would weigh 3.97055507e9 lbs on the planet.

Problems of Living

The planet could either be made up of mainly rock or water. If it is made up of water, people would need to be able to swim and breathe underwater. Life would be less likely if made up of water—what would be our food source? Life on the planet is more likely if made up of rock.

Humans would need oxygen tanks to breathe underwater and the ability to swim. Not only that, we would need to somehow grow food underwater if no life is found on the planet. If the planet is made of rock, tlife is much more sustainable.

Facts About Kepler-22b

  • It was discovered in February 2011 and confirmed in December 2011.
  • The name of its host star is Kepler 22.
  • Kepler-22b orbits closer to its host star than Earth orbits the sun.