Lobo Update


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This week we had Stetler Lloyd lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Miss Holly was unable to sing due to illness but we also did the National Anthem!

Thanks Stetler and good luck getting better Miss Holley, we look forward to hearing you sing in the future.

Term 1 reports

Parents and Students!

With the access each of you have to find Final Grades on I-campus we will not be printing report cards.

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Detention E-mails

Parents and Students,

We are sending out detention notices by e-mail one a weekly basis. Students are allowed 2 free tardies a term before the have to start serving detention. Here is a break down of how it works:

-On the 3rd tardy and everyone after that the students will need to serve 15 min. of detention for each one.

- Late tardy = 30 min. detention

-Sluff = 1 hour of detention

Detention is not given to students for unexcused abscences at this time.

Students are expected to follow the directions on the e-mail sent to them.

Any student with unserved detentions will not be allowed to participate in field trips, school activities or sports. Students will have to have all detentions made up before they can go to Lagoon. We are tentatively planning to go the last week of school!

Coach Johnson's Class Fastest Mile Times

1st period- Taylor Jones - 6:09

2nd period - Cannon Okerland - 6:30

2nd period - Kelsie Applegarth - 7:20

3rd peiod - Magnum Davis - 8:22

4th period -Jaxon Robinson - 8:22

4th period - Brooklyn Anderson - 7:08

4th period - Aubrey Painter - 7:08

5th period - Talon Johnson - 6:34


We want to let you know of a free virtual Family Mental Health Night being held on November 3 from 6:00p - 7:00pm. Parents and families will learn about some free resources that are available to them to help with various mental health issues. We are including some resources to help promote this event, if you choose to do so. We will also be promoting the event at the district level, but we wanted to give you some resources as well. Parent Guidance Getting Started Guide this includes sample emails you can use to send to staff and parents. Mental Health Night flyer a general information flyer you can use to send home to parents to promote the event. If you have any questions or concerns you can call Jim Welburn in Student Services. Thanks!

Here is the flyer and other information for Family Mental Health Night


Freshman Girls Basketball Tryouts are on November 10th and 11th after school from 3-5. Make sure you have your physical in to Coach Lichtenberg or Coach Gerolli before then or you can't try out!


All Freshmen planning on trying out at the Jr High for the Freshmen Boys Basketball team will need to provide a completed physical exam on the day of tryouts.

Tryouts will be held Wednesday November 10 at SFJHS.

Those trying out for the Freshman team will NOT be required to complete RegisterMyAthlete. This is for the high school’s use only!

Only those freshmen who have personally been invited to tryout at the high school, should attend the high school tryouts.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Sorensen or Coach Johnson

Lobo Way Characteristic Focus this week

Strengthen the Pack ∙ Positively contribute to my class, my school, and my community ∙ See the good in others and build confidence ∙ Respect and encourage individual strengths

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New Information on COVID Tracking

Click this link to get new information from the Utah County Health Department.

Utah County Health Letter to Families 9/14/21

Utah County Health Letter to Families in Spanish 9/14/21

Students! We would love to post pictures of you doing your thing! What ever it may be. Send to Blake.mortensen@nebo.edu