Panther Paws

Norfolk Jr. High

By Crystal


My favorite app is Snap chat because you take pictures and send them to people and you can see funny faces of people. You can type on the photo, also. You can talk to them kinda like Face Time, but you can't see their every move. You can draw on the photo to scribble with colors or make something pretty. Snap chat is my favorite because I like taking pictures of random people.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect the movie is my favorite movie because it is extremely funny. Fat Amy, Rebel Wilson, is the funniest character out of all the cast. Beca is the main character. It all starts when she starts college to make music. When she goes to the activities fair she was walking around looking at everything, the Bella's, an accapella group, asks her if she would like to join. She says, " I don't sing." Then one of the leaders of the Bella's was in the shower room and Beca was to and the leader went into her shower stall and say's "you can sing." Then she makes her sing. Beca then joins the group and have competitions of singing with their mouth and no instruments. They make it to the finals and win.
Pitch Perfect Trailer 1

Under The Sea Next To Spongebob

Once upon a time there was a giraffasaurus and and giroctopus on a mountain under the sea at Sea Turtle Land next to Spongebob Squarepants. there was also a land right beside Sea Turtle Land and it was RawrRawr World. Sea Turtle Land and RawrRawr World never got along together. only the giraffasaurus and giroctopus did, but it was a secret friendship, And they were very ninja like about it. the giraffasaurus is an animal that Is half giraffe and half dinosaur. The giroctopus is an ocean animal which Is half giraffe and half octopus. One day on a bright shiny afternoon Giraffasaurus and giroctopus played hide- and-go-seek in the forest so nobody could find them. The girrafosaurus's family had to ask the giroctopus's family and they had no idea where they were. So they made a deal that if they helped find their children then they could be friends and hang out together whenever they could. after all that, they finally found them and the next day they went sea turtle riding And had a whole bunch of fun. The next day, they went to the park and was playing. Then they hung out everyday after that happily ever after.

Against School

I am against year-round schooling because I don't like school, it's boring and sometimes useless. Also, the teachers can get cranky not saying names here. We would get annoyed by the learning because learning is hard. If we went to school year-round my brain would burst, so we should not have year-round school.


Acrobatic monkeys easily leap through the forest and are hard to study.

They spend most of their lives in treetops. Old world monkeys have curved nostrils that are close together, also they have cheek pouches for storing food,sitting pads are their tooshie, and they have tails that cannot grasp limbs and trees. The greatest threat to monkeys is losing their habitat. Monkeys are omnivores.There are 125 different species.The loudest monkey is the Howling Monkey. Monkeys can live up to 45 years in captivity. A group of monkeys is called a troop.

New World Monkeys live in South and Central America. Old World Monkeys live in Asia , Africa, and Europe. The most acrobatic monkey is the Spider Monkey.