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I like to play basketball.I used to live in the pines in Moreland East but now I live with the Lawtons in Belmont. I am the starting point guard for my school team the Bobcats.When I grow up I want to go and play for the university of Duke.

Lives in: I used to live in East Moreland now I live in Belmont.


Jayson Barnes

Friday, June 24th, 9:30am

The Jeff

Does anyboby want to play with me at the Jeff in Moreland East.


Ty: Count me in can't wait to beat you in basketball again on a one versus one,I will beat you by 20.

Jayson Barnes: No way Ty how about we play the game and see who wins.


Some goals I have in my life is to play starting point guard for the university of Duke. Status: Getting there but not there yet.Another goal I have is to win the championship for my school. Status: Accomplished today
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