Black Lives Matter

Fighting for whats right!

Background information

-Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors , and Opal Tometi were the co-founders behind the movement.

1.Why did this protest begin?

-It was formed to address racism and police brutality against African Americans.

2.What events led up to it?

- Three women popularized the hashtag #Blacklivesmatter after George Zimmerman was acquitted from the Trayvon Martin case.

-Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman:

-Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer who killed Trayvon martin (an unarmed teen) in Sanford Florida.

Protest begins

-The first protest was in August, of 2014 after Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson Missouri.

1.How did the people protest?

- There have been over 1,200 Black Lives Matter protests at malls, sporting events, and schools all over the country.

2.How did they get there points across in protests?

-They blocked off street ways, prayed in front of places, they have also made demands of swift and transparent legal investigation of all police brutality acts.

-There protests have been throughout many years. It started in July of 2013.

-The protests were in the United States.

Results of protest

1.What resulted from the protests?

-Although Black lives matter is a peaceful organization, others who were upset with the events resorted to chaos and violence to prove there unhappiness with the recurring situation.


-Because of the pressure they have caused the legal system, body cameras are now in the process to ensure accountability of the police officers.


-By being determined to force the government to change flaws in the legal system that seems to be grossly unfair to African Americans and minorities.

Assessment question

-The participants of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement demonstrated their strong beliefs in their protests by uniting in peace and order. They have shown how thousands of people believe and support their movement proving that there is a definite need for change. This strong belief for justice and equality for all people will begin to change the world for the better.
Inside Out - Black Lives Matter movement in America (P.1)

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