The Perseverance Papers

Perseverance comes in all shapes and sizes

Intro Paragraph

Perseverance means to keep trying to reach a goal despite difficulties or hardships. People who have persevered know at times how hard it can be to not give up or stop trying.These people had to work through tough times because there were others in their way or something about them had stopped them from reaching their goal.They were stopped at a point from achieving their goal, but to them being stopped didn't mean give up. These people did not yield to the hardships and adversity that came across their path. They worked hard to reach their goal and have inspired many people around them, and because they persevered they will be able to live their new and better lives.

Kate Foster (Cause/Effect)

Kate is a gymnast that has one leg because of she had to leg getting amputated. Her leg was amputated because of her having leukemia. If her leg hadn't been amputated, then she would be living the same old life she was living before her leg being amputated. The reason why her leg was amputated was because of a tumor in her leg. If the tumor had not been removed then she could have died. Knowing what could happen if the tumor wasn't removed, you can get a better understanding of why removing her leg was a better choice. How this had effected Kate performance in gymnastics is that it made it a bit harder. She would struggle more that the other gymnasts, and she would also have to work harder. Her leg being amputated didn't stop her from doing gymnastics, it just made her stronger and not as vulnerable.

Owen & Haatchi (Problem and Solution)

Owen has a disease called Schwartz Jamel syndrome. He was born with this disease and what it does is it stiffens the muscle. Owen had felt alone because of his disease and so a solution that his parents had though of was to get him a dog, and that dog was Haatchi. They thought that giving a dog to Owen would also give him a friend. Haatchi was special had lost one of his hind legs due to being tied to a railroad track. Bringing Haatchi home was a great way to make Owen feel like he wasn't alone. Haatchi had helped Owen and his family have a way of knowing that they can get through their hard times. This had helped him not feel like he was in a world by himself. Owen had later on decided to enter a dog show with Haatchi.