gary mark gilmore


Gary Gilmore was born on 12/4/1940

he was born in a Texas hospital where the father gave him a fake name known as Faye Robert Coffman and faked the family name and the mother rejected the name and gary never used that name at all

siblings and parents

he had only three brothers named Mikal Gilmore, Gaylin Gilmore and frank Gilmore jr

and his parents were outlaws named frank Gilmore and Bessie Gilmore which is why the father hide the real family


they moved to Portland Oregon were here soon went to a reform school from 1951 to 1952, the reason he went to the reform school is because broke into homes did vandalizing and stealing guns.

after he got out he when to high school where he dropped out at the age of 15 on 1955

and returned to a life of crime and was sent back to reform school

july 19-20 murders

on an evening on july 1976