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Time to say Goodbye

I have never really enjoyed the end of the school year. I suppose one of the reasons for

this is that, far too quickly, it is time again to say goodbye to some fantastic and talented

young adults who have given up their year to come and work with us. I think in the past

we often lamented how we had invested all this time in training and supporting these

volunteers and then, come July, they go and we have to start all over again. However, I

think my feelings are starting to change. Back in early May, I found myself sitting next to

the otter enclosure at the zoo in Washington DC. With me and my family was Kristin

Vought. She was one of our volunteers 2008-9. It was the first time I had seen her since

she left. As we sat there on a very humid afternoon, she told me how her time as an Act 4

volunteer, had had a life changing effect on her and the choices that she went on to

make. Wow and what choices, from going to seminary to working for a large Christian

not for profit organisation (to marrying a minister!!). She told me how she still sang Act

4 songs and had used them with children. She even told me how she was still inspired by

our R Rights programme. I had not expected to hear any of this!

I know Act 4 can not claim to be the sole cause of these choices, but if we are able to give

young adults a foundation that can help encourage them to find their best path to make a

difference in this world, then let’s train and release as many volunteers as we can!

It has been great this year working with the URC Thames North Synod and particularly

with The Church at Fairford Leys, in setting up a new Time to Act team. Not only has

this team already established a presence in a number of schools, it has allowed the

church to expand its community based programmes, as they build off the ongoing model

that is working in Potters Bar and Brookmans Park. So this year not only have we been

able to work with more children, it has also allowed us to work with more young adults.

So, although I feel sad to say goodbye to our volunteers (we have been so blessed to have

Elise, Johann, Dadka and Beatrice), I do so with great excitement, looking forward to

hearing about the next chapter of their stories.

As part of our development goals we are now looking at how we can make more of the

volunteer year, and how we can continue to build a programme of excellence that can

train and support our volunteers to be even more effective in reaching out to children,

but which will also serve them on into the future.

Sam Frankel


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