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Mrs. Jefferson, ELA & SS

November 13, 2014

VIP Folders & Assessment Info.

Today's VIP Folder should include:

  1. Graded Papers
  2. Safety Patrol Application

* Tomorrow, an affix test will be administered.

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Literacy & Social Studies

We have been working very hard to extend our knowledge as readers, writers, and historians! First, our Industrial Revolution unit began with an awesome touchstone experience in which students were able to gain understanding about the beginning of the 20th century through a rap song! Check your child's Social Studies notebook to see the lyrics. Better yet, ask them to sing the chorus or rap a few verses! In groups, they broke the lyrics down to understand what the rap artists were trying to help them understand. I also gave them photographs, political cartoons and documents for each verse and the chorus to support their understanding. Throughout our unit of study, we will continue to come back to the rap and primary documents to clarify our thoughts about the Industrial Revolution. Also, take a look at the pictures and video below to check out how students participated in a simulation to better understand the concept of mass production using an assembly line!

In reading, we will be using our understanding of informational texts to defend and refute claims about the Industrial Revolution. This will require us to use our knowledge of main idea and supporting details to cite evidence from the text and draw conclusions. By the way, the results of the recent main idea post assessment indicates lots of student growth as readers!

During writing, we are continuing our investigations of Time for Kids magazines. This week we have been looking into the five text structures:

  • Compare and Contrast
  • Cause and Effect
  • Problem and Solution
  • Sequence
  • Description

Understanding the purpose and impact of text structure will help students decide how to make sense of what they are reading. Just as it is important to recognize text structure as a reader, we must also do the same as writers. In preparation for writing our own Time for Kids articles, we are going to think about how we want our readers to receive the information and then follow the format of the appropriate text structure. Next week, we will continue to investigate the various text structures, then hopefully select our individual topics of research and develop guiding questions.

Assembly Line Simulation

~Videos & Product Pics~

Assembly Line Simulation
Assembly Line Simulation
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Small Business Car Makers
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From PTO...

Hello DFES Families!

Our annual school “Holiday Store” is just around the corner. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to do a little holiday shopping for their friends and families. We are planning to run the store from December 2nd-December 5th, but this depends ENTIRELY on how many volunteers we have to help. This event needs 60 volunteers!!! I have included the link to sign up on if you would be available to help.

Please contact Devon at volunteer@dfespto.orgwith any further questions.

Thank you so much for helping!


Student Interviews

Meet Tra'miyah by Kennidy J.

I was soo excited to interview my friend Tramiyah. We had a good time laughing at our questions. One of them was about her fear of snakes, spiders, and OVER SIZE GORILLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were laughing so hard because that fear is so weird, but I guess a fear is a fear. Me and Tramiyah can relate to each other because we both like HONEY Boo Boo enough to want to want to meet her because she is awesome. She also wants to meet Sabrina Carpenter because she is from Girl Meets World and she is her favorite actor. I also know that she cares about HOMELESS PEOPLE. She cares about them so much that she would buy them a house in NEW JERSEY. Now you see why Tramiyah is my friend because she makes me laugh!

Meet Ejuan by Myah

The person I interveiwed was Ejuan Jones. I asked him some question about him-self and guess what Ejuan is named after his dad and even now he is the biggest fan of reptiles but he is teriffied of spiders and sharks. Ejuan's favorite song is Another Part Of Me by Michael Jackson and if Ejuan could be anybody in the world it would be Batman.

Everybody has a favorite places to go out to eat and Ejuan's is Myabi’s. Here's a coincidence me and him like Jamie Lee Curtis. She is an actress. We know her from Freaky Friday. Ejuan likes horror movies but if i would look at one i would be scared of life but he loves them. If Ejaun had three simple wishes it would be:

1. Be Pokemon

2. Rich

3. Children driving cars at the age of 10.