Be responsible for what you do

Theme of And Then There Were None

They are told of there crimes

The guests set down for dinner in the dinning room. All of the sudden there is a voice that says everyone in the room committed a murder. They are all surpriseed that they are being held for there actions. On page 42 is says

" Ladies and gentlemen! Silence please!

" You are charged with the following indictments:"

After that they all break into pandemonium they can't find where they voices are coming from.

Ten little Indian boys

In Vera's room he only decoration on her walls was a poem that was titled 10 little Indian boys. She did not think anything of it but the poem was a very twisted poem. On page 31 this is the last line of the poem.

" One little Indian boy left all alone;

He went and hanged himself and then there were none".

That is how Vera ends up drying. This also shows that power can be used for good or evil. The reason is because Mr wargrave used his power and Witt and used it to kill everyone.

The victims

Held responsible

Over the course of the whole entire book each person who murdered someone ended up being murdered or died. This is the ultimate example that the bad things you do in you life will come back to bite you in the back. On page 67 it says

"Whole things like a detective story. Positively thrilling"

The judge said acidly:

"At my time of life, I have no desire for thrills, as you call them."

Anthony said with a grin:

" The legal life's narrowing! I'm all for crime! Here's to it "

"He picked up his drink and drank it off at a gulp. Too quickly, perhaps. He choked-choked badly. His face contorted, turn purple. He gasped for breath- then slid down office chair the glass falling from his hand."

This also shows that power can be used for good or evil, and in this situation it was used for bad.

Victims cont.


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