The Road

Jessica palma

Story Elements

The road takes place in the future,the main conflict in the story is staying alive and learning how to live in such a bad world.The book begins in a place were there is no one around or any food left its just a man and his little boy that are on the road to finding a better place to live in.The climax of the book is when they start to find people on the road that are trying to kill each other to survive
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Character Analysis

The main is the father what describes the father is caring, smart, and knows how to live.What motivates the father is his little boy ,the father has noun thing to hope for much so he thinks of making his little one happy while they are having a hard time,and also the hope of finding a save and better place and food.What i like about the main character is how he is always trying to make his boy happy and trying the best no matter what happens.
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The theme is about finding a better and save place (future) Ex: They found an old farm house "can we go inside and see what in there?" "no son we have to keep moving" 2nd "Hey are you ok ?" "yea i had a dream pap, were everything was green and pretty." 3rd "papa are you paying attion to me ?" "no sorry I was thinking about how life was back then."
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