Longfellow Elementary School

Summer 2015

Avoid the Summer Slide

Summer is a time to have fun! If you are bored, look up ideas online for fun things to do. I found 101 ideas at a website called care.com, but there are many others. Here are some of those and my own fun ideas of things to do that involve reading, writing, speaking, and listening:

  • Write a play and act it out. Record it so it will last forever!
  • Start a collection and document it in a journal.
  • Go on a nature hike, take pictures, then write about your fun day, or makeup a cool story, create a guidebook, etc.
  • Write and illustrate your own book. You can publish using an online site like IlluStory.
  • Go hiking and then make a collage from the objects you find.
  • Interview an older relative about what life was like when they were young.
  • Sidewalk chalk art.
  • Visit a museum.
  • Have a board game night.

Remember our motto: G.R.R.

Grit. Respect. Responsibility.

We are the Panthers,

The mighty, mighty, Panthers!

We have grit!

We are responsible! And,

We respect one another!