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Regular Meeting Held June 23, 2022

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June 23, 2022


The Board of Education appointed:

  • Director II, Expanded Learning (6-12) Opportunities Program - David Ferguson
  • High School Assistant Principal, Hillcrest High School - Dr. Matt Rainwater
  • High School Assistant Prinicipal, La Sierra High School - Dan Sage
  • Middle School Assistant Principal, Arizona Middle School - Juan Flores
  • Middle School Assistant Principal, Loma Vista Middle School - Enedilia Medina
  • Middle School Assistant Principal, Villegas Middle School - Timothy Aguilar

  • Middle School Assistant Principal, Wells Middle School - Ofelia Cervera

  • Elementary School Principal, Collett Elementary School - Dr. Crystal Berrellez

CONSENT AGENDA: Items 5.a.1 through 5.e.6.

*All Consent items were routine and approved.


Your Superintendent recommends approval of Consent Agenda items: 5.a.1 through 5.e.6.

5.a. Board of Education/Superintendent

5.a.1. Adopt Minutes - 5/12/2022

5.a.2. Adopt Minutes - 6/9/2022

5.a.3. Approve Service Agreement-California School Boards Association (CSBA) GAMUT Meetings and GAMUT Policy

5.a.4. Approve Agreement – National Archives and Records Administration, Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

5.b. Administrative Services

5.b.1. Ratify Contract List No. 2021-2022-02

5.b.2. Renew Agreement – Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc. - District-Wide

5.b.3. Renew Agreement – First Student, Inc. - District-Wide Transportation

5.b.4. Renew Agreement – License Agreement for Bus Operation – First Student, Inc.

5.b.5. Approve Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Agreement No. C1006690 Modification No. 2 – Stokoe Elementary School – Use of Facilities

5.b.6. Approve Agreement – GMS Elevator Services, Inc. – District-Wide

5.b.7. Approve Agreement – Tom’s American Fire Safety – District-Wide

5.c. Business Services

5.c.1. Ratify Purchase Order List Number 18 - 2021-2022

5.c.2. Amend Agreement - Adams, Silva & McNally, LLP, Second Amendment

5.c.3. Accept Gifts & Donations for May 1, 2022 - May 31, 2022

5.c.4. Renew Professional Services Agreement - CSBA's Practi-Cal Medi-Cal LEA Billing Option - District Wide

5.c.5. Approve 2022-2023 Professional Service Agreement between MCF Consulting and Alvord Unified School District

5.c.6. Approve Legal Services Agreement - Best Best & Krieger, LLP

5.c.7. Approve Agreement - Eric Hall and Associates

5.c.8. Approve Agreement - San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools-School-Based Medi-Cal Administrative Activities Program

5.c.9. Approve Warrant Listing for the Month of May 2022

5.c.10. Report of Receipts for May 2022

5.d. Educational Services

5.d.1. Ratify Professional Services Agreement– Kohtz and Spurling Optometry

5.d.2. Approve Amendment to the Educational Institution Staffing Agreement-Maxim Healthcare Solutions

5.d.3. Renew Maintenance Agreement – Konica Minolta, Loma Vista Middle School

5.d.4. Approve Subscription Renewal – Renaissance Learning Inc., Terrace Elementary

5.d.5. Approve Subscription Renewal – Renaissance Learning Inc., Valley View Elementary

5.d.6. Approve Agreement IN80149 – Riverside County Superintendent of Schools, Targeted Math Intervention Services, Alvord Continuation High School

5.d.7. Approve 2022-2023 Agriculture Vocational Education Incentive Grant Application - Norte Vista High School

5.d.8. Approve Client Staffing Agreement-Pioneer Healthcare Services, LLC

5.d.9. Approve Educational Institution Staffing Agreement-Maxim Healthcare Solutions

5.d.10. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Creative Outdoor Advertising, Top Scholars Banners

5.d.11. Approve Professional Service Agreement - Hear & C, Inc.

5.d.12. Approve Professional Services Agreement – RayBalloons, La Sierra High School

5.d.13. Approve School Portraiture Contract – Studio 1 Distinctive Portraiture, Various Sites

5.d.14. Approve Agreement - Document Tracking Services

5.d.15. Approve Agreement – School House Photo LLC., Lake Hills Elementary

5.d.16. Approve Agreement and Overnight Trip – Thousand Pines Outdoor Educators, Orrenmaa Elementary

5.d.17. Approve Out of State Overnight Trip – Junior Optimist International Convention, Reno, NV.

5.d.18. Approve Declaration of Surplus Items - Alvord Unified School District

5.e. Human Resources

5.e.1. Amend District Wide Run-Off Claims Administration Agreement - Keenan & Associates

5.e.2. Amend Professional Services Agreement – Service Enhancement Technologies

5.e.3. Approve Revised Management Salary Schedule

5.e.4. Approve Professional Services Agreement – G2Solutions, Incorporated

5.e.5. Approve School Counselor Fieldwork Agreement - Concordia University, Irvine School of Education

5.e.6. Approve Student Teaching Letter of Agreement – Western Governors University



6.b. Board of Education/Superintendent

6.b.2. Review and Approve 2022-2023 Institutional Memberships

6.b.3. Approve Agreement - ProSolve

6.b.4. Approve Agreement - TregoED Services

6.c. Administrative Services

6.c.1. Conduct Public Hearing – 2022 Statutory School Fees for New Residential and Commercial/Industrial Construction

6.e. Human Resources

6.e.1. Approve Personnel Order No. 18-2021-2022

6.e.2. Approve Addition of Two 185-Day Elementary Music Teachers – Educational Services Division


6.b. Board of Education/Superintendent

6.b.1. Resolution No. 61 - Resolution Ordering Consolidated Governing Board Member Biennial

Election, Specifications of the Election Order and Request for Consolidation

6.c. Administrative Services

6.c.2. Resolution No. 62 - Approving the 2022 Statutory School Fees for New Residential and

Commercial/Industrial Construction

6.c.3. Resolution No. 63 – Special Tax Rates – Community Facilities District (CFD) 2001-1

6.c.4. Resolution No. 64 – Special Tax Rates – Community Facilities District (CFD) 2002-1

6.c.5. Resolution No. 65 – Special Tax Rates – Community Facilities District (CFD) 2006-1

6.d. Business Services

6.d.1. 2021-2024 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) - Resma Byrne,Ed.D.

6.d.2. 2022-2023 Alvord Unified School District Proposed Budget - Dusty Nevatt

6.d.3. Resolution No. 66 - Education Protection Account (EPA) for Fiscal Year 2022/23

6.e. Human Resources

6.e.3. Resolution No. 67 – Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators

The Regular Board Meeting adjourned at 6:47 p.m.