Born To Be Wild

Animals Can Give You Death.

Real Life Stories of exotic animals living with Humans

A 10-year-old boy was attacked by a lion and tiger. The child got a brain injury and severed spinal cord kinjuries that have left the child on a respirator. The child and his father were visiting body shop owner Chuck Mock, who owns 11 exotic cats and one bear.Mock opened the cage, the tiger jumped out and attacked the boy.

A 39 yr old animal trainer was killed while training a 5 yr old grizzly bear called Rocky. He was working at his cousin Randy Miller’s Predators in Action facility, he trains animals for films, when the bear clawed at him for no apparent reason.

Woman is attacked and killed by a black bear she had kept as a pet for nine years. She was cleaning the cage where she kept 350-pound Teddy on Sunday when the bear turned on her and attacked.

Why is it bad for animals to live with humans.

Why is it bad for animals?

Its bad for animals,Experts believe that it took at least five thousand years, and perhaps longer than ten thousand years, for wolves to evolve into dogs. So, there are thousands of years of difference between a wild and a domestic animal. Domesticated animals like dogs and cats don't do well without people, and wild and exotic animals don't do well with people.

In addition, the little we do know of the needs of exotic animals shows us that we simply cannot meet these needs in captivity. Many monkeys, birds, and wild cats, for example, all can travel several miles in a single day. A walk on a leash through the park won't cut it. Since the vast majority of people who keep exotic animals cannot meet their needs, the animals may be caged, chained, or even beaten into submission. Sometimes, people will have an animal's teeth or claws removed, so that the animal cannot harm the owner even when he does struggle.

Why Is It Bad For Humans To have Wild Animals

Malnutrition, stress, trauma, and behavioral disorders are common in exotics kept as pets. Unfortunately, getting medical care is extremely difficult—and not just because it may be illegal to have them. For one, many exotic animals hide symptoms of illness. And even when illness is suspected, finding a proper vet could require a visit to the zoo. It's not easy to find a vet to treat your sugar glider's salmonella or your lemur's herpes.

You cannot remove animals for their environment because animals are use to the weather, nature, seasons. Animals have families to and you cannot remove them from that just like you cannot remove a kid from their family.And a animal has instincts if their environment and if you take animal away from their environment they lose their instincts. Animals wil have lots of stress if you take them away from their environment they need freedom just like humans.If you take a wild animal it can lead to serious injurys and maybe even death.

It is also illegal to have a wild animal in your possession endless you are taking it to get care because its hurt.

To be legal and have a wild animal you need to have the proper permits and licences.