no concussion football helemet

joey rinehart 6-7

about the company

I run the company

The company has 5 thousand workers

It is in Florida

The working conditions are good you have a break every 4 hours and you can order what ever you want from the food court and it brings it up to your office and the food court has every thing in the country. Also who ever has you run the to go get something they pay you for gas and pays you for what you are buying and for every thing you have to go get you get 50$.

sale for 300 hundred dollars

history of the company

The company was made on February 5 1760.

It was made because of the industrial revolution.

product name

The product name is a Rinehart Helmet

It is used for protecting your head and brain in football

It is maid with a little bit of memory foam in each pad and regular air

I sell it to sports stores

Someone will need one if they play football

You can buy one in sports stores


It cost 300$ for one

The deal is half off for if you buy more than 10

Yes you can buy them in bulks


It is the best because nobody that has worn it has go a concussion.

99% of people that have used it have recommended it.

5 out of 5 people recommend it.

Cam Newton and Antonio Brown have used it and recommend it

national price

It will help the the country because it will help people not get brain damage after their football is over.

guarantee warranty

If it breaks you can buy up to three new ones for free and if you buy it in bulks you can repair each one for ten dollars unlimited times