technology project

by: karinne brochu

explain everything

In explain everything, I helped solve a simple math problem. Which was mom bought 4 egg cartons. Each cartons had 6 eggs in it. Only 2 eggs were bad. How many good eggs did mom get? By explaining the steps to the problems I discovered the features of explain everything like the crazy colors and snazzy pictures I could add to my presentation.
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career locker

Career locker is a website that helps you explore job opportunities when your older. On career locker I took a series of test that test my personality to match specific jobs. I also got to pick my dream jobs while they recommended specific jobs for me.
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On itralier I got to explain on daily aspect of my life. I made a short film about me and my best friend Mia Mazola. It helped me understand the features of imovie and how i could use them to improve my film.
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Go ainimate

In go animate we had to make a short film of characters playing two truths and a lie. In my video I did a older sister and younger sister. It was a really fun project to make because you had to many options.
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typing web

typing web helped me improve my typing greatly. I can type a lot faster and more accurately now because of typing web.
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haiku deck

In haiku deck I make a short presentation about my dream job . In it I explained all the details about my dream job and I learned about some of the features on haiku deck.
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