TV Buddy Antenna Review

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Anyone who watches TV will definitely agree that low quality and unreliable signal coverage makes the single greatest annoying factor when watching. On the other hand, we all want to watch TV, knowing that we are able to easily access multiple channels without any hitches whenever we need to. The TV Buddy provides this new experience with the new cord-cutting technology.

With TV Buddy, you are able to stream all your favorite channels every day, every month without. You also get to stream these channels even without internet coverage. Isn’t that an exceptional experience. Find out more about TV Buddy in this review, and you can then decide whether you want to come on board for this journey into the future.

What is TV Buddy Antenna?

This is the TV antenna that gives you a whole new experience as far as watching TV is concerned. It is a TV antenna that uses the cord-cutting technology while giving you access to several clear and well-streamed channels. It also provides HD quality video and excellent coverage with a range of about 30 miles.

With TV Buddy antenna, you are able to choose whether you want an indoor antenna or an outdoor antenna, both of which provide similar quality coverage and clear channels. I am very rooted in clarity because that’s actually the first rationale for deciding whether what we are watching high quality or not. The TV Buddy Antenna has great reception, which provides us with the assurance that whatever we are going to watch will not have any unpleasant interferences and outages.

Why Do I Need TV Buddy Antenna?

This antenna, unlike other cable antennae, provides you with affordable yet wonderful experience in the world of TV. With this antenna, you only make a one-time payment during the purchase, and you don’t have to pay any monthly dues after that. You get to watch all the channels you love without having to worry about getting money for next month’s payment.

The initial price for purchasing the antenna is also very affordable. You don’t have to spend a whole fortune purchasing an antenna. You can save the rest for other uses. TV Buddy provides you with the best quality yet at the lowest price in the market.

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Ratings and benefits of TV Buddy Antenna

The arrival of this product into the world of TV has provided the much needed and long-awaited break for everyone. TV Buddy antenna provides low and middle-income earners a chance to be able to watch TV just like their higher-level counterparts. People who have the TV Buddy antenna no longer have to worry about the highly charged monthly cable payments. Some benefits of using TV Buddy Antenna Include the following among others:

  • It is fast and easy to set up.
  • Provides free HD channels, therefore, doing away with the annoying monthly payments and subscriptions.
  • It is very flexible and can also be placed in the house while still providing the best quality.
  • It covers a long range of up to 80 miles.
  • Provides full HD pictures ad sounds.

TV Buddy Antenna Key Features

Long Range

The 4k TV Buddy Antenna has a wide coverage range of up to 80 miles. You can place it on the wall, the window or any other place where you have better reception, In case you don’t get a signal, just remove the amplifier and try the set up again.

Free HD Channels

There are very few HDTV antennas out there that will give you HD channels free of charge. TV Buddy Antenna is one of them. With this amazing antenna, you get such channels as NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, CBS, among others in HD, and absolutely free of charge.

Full HD Pictures

The TV Buddy Antenna comes with an in-built smart IC chip which works with the innovative crystal-clear technology to give you filtered FM and cellular signals, and therefore, clearer pictures, as well as quality sound. The signal booster provides you with access to a lot more free broadcast signals with enhanced range, gain, and frequency performance.


The 13-foot TV antenna coax cable makes the placement of the HD antenna easy. So if your television is far from the window, you do not have to worry because the cable is long enough to allow you to place the antenna wherever you want.


TV Buddy Antenna comes with a television adapter, making it suitable for more television models across the globe. Plus, the antenna is small, lightweight, and, therefore, portable. You can carry it while traveling abroad.

Other features include a 50-mile signal amplifier, Multi-directional reception, Reversible design, among others. Get this antenna today and start enjoying crystal clear TV in high definition.

TV Buddy Antenna Reviews: What are Customers Saying?

Search TV Buddy Antenna on Google, and you’ll find several customer reviews and testimonials. Most of the customers leaving feedback gave it a 5-star rating, and the average rating was 3.85 stars. This indicates that most people using the antenna are impressed by its performance.

We also came across many reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on the product’s official website. While there were a few customers giving negative feedback, overall, most of the users appeared to have liked the antenna.

Where to Buy TV Buddy Antenna

You can get PlayBeatz by visiting the manufacturer’s website. They are giving all new customers a discount of up to 50% on this product. You also get free shipping. Hurry and get your antenna because this is a limited offer.

Their customer service staff is attentive. In case you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to contact them. Send them an email via or call them through:

The UK and Ireland: +448708200084

USA: +1609 414 7087

Canada: +1778300 0854

Australia and New Zealand: +61286078316

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