Gavin S.

Smart Fifth Grader

My name is Gavin Sell I will tell you a little about my self, #1 i really like math and i'm also really good at it, #2 some of my hobbies are math, building, reading, swimming, drawing, arts & crafts, #3 My family, I have three brothers Isaac, Jayden, and riley my mom and dad and my dog chance i'm the youngest, #4 Were i live and what school i go to, i live in Topeka Kansas and the school i go to is North Fairview Elementary, #51/2 Heres one more thing i really like telling jokes:]

I really like lizards so down below i will add a video about some lizards so if you want to watch it:]
6 Cool Facts about Green/Brown Anoles | Pet Reptiles
Ten facts about Lizards - All about - Utubetip

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