Come to our colony

By: Varun, Aditya, Abby, and Sithmi

Why you should come to our colony

Our colony is the best!

Come to New Hampshire! We are the best because we have all the basic needs and wants like fish, good clothing, paper, fire, clean water, granite, and wood houses.We also have loads of animals like moose, deer, quails, rabbits, raccoon, and turkey. There is 6000 acres of land so there is plenty of room. If you need anything, you can trade with the Indians like fishing spears, baskets, spears, and good furs.

We have good relationships with them now.

The supplies in the colony was so plentiful that you could build a house straight when you got there. Now you can pre- order them! Everyone worked in this colony so it's fair for everyone. The women cooked, cleaned, sewed, spun wool, made soap, made candles tended gardens, and quilted.

The colony is very wealthy. It has everything it needs to run and still has more. This colony was the first to gain independence from Britain so if you want a break from England, just come to our colony.

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