The Turkey Games

May the odds and evens be ever in your favor!


1 Stepper- Complete this Quiz with at least an 80 to earn this badge:

2nd Period 1 Stepper Quiz 2nd try test

3rd Period 1 Stepper Quiz

4th Period 1 Stepper Quiz

6th Period 1 Stepper Quiz

Doodles- Complete the 2 Cut/ Paste/ Color Worksheets to earn this badge

Webster- go to or Prezi and create a presentation about 2 different words on our word wall, must include: Word, Definition, and an example
Website URL form

Gamer- Go to 4 different games on Hoodamath, review gamezone, or pacman and write down 3 equations/ problems solved on each one.

Game Maker- Go to this website and choose one of the tools to create your own math game. You may also create a kahoot if you create your own kahoot account. A non tech may be substituted if it includes key math concepts.

Graph it All- Complete the coordinate graphing activity, all points must be graphed and connected correctly to earn the badge.

Just the Facts- Play 1 of these games and write down the questions and answers for 5 problems.

NSpired- On your calculator, explore and show Mrs. Nelle, Mrs. Davis, or Ms. Wood 2 new ways things you've learned about your calculator. Also, you must watch and answer the questions in this video about credit cards.
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