Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Redford

A Look Back in Time

U.S. Politics

Business and Economy

By The Numbers

· U.S. GDP (1998 dollars): $381.3 billion

· Federal spending: $70.86 billion

· Federal debt: $270.8 billion

· Consumer Price Index: 26.9

· Unemployment: 2.9%

· Dow Jones Industrial average closes at an all-time high of 382.74

· New York Stock Exchange prices reach their highest level since 1929

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Around the World

Global Relations

· Radical Puerto Rican nationalists attack U.S. House of Representatives, shooting five congressmen

· CIA intervenes in Guatemala to help overthrow the government

· Soviet Union rejects proposals to reunify Germany

· Paris agreements grant West Germany sovereignty and admittance to NATO and Western European Union

· U.S. and Canada begin construction of an early-warning radar system in northern Canada

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Lifestyles & Culture

  • From Here to Eternity wins best picture.
  • Audrey Hepburn wins best actress.