English 8 Weekly Update #7

Week of October 17-21

Here is this week's brain teaser. Find the answer at the bottom of the page.

Last week in English we...

  • Assessed our My Family essays
  • Realized that our writing is MUCH better when we go through the entire writing process
  • reviewed independent and dependent clauses, compound and complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences
  • reviewed figurative language
  • took a language quiz

This coming week in English...

  • Portfolio Work Day


  • Portfolio Work Day


  • No class - MEA break


  • No class - MEA break


  • No class - MEA break

Language Quiz Retake

Monday, Oct. 17th, 2:15pm

Room 384

Portfolio Update

Our first checkpoint is getting close, OCTOBER 27th. For this checkpoint student need FIVE portfolio entries. These entries may come from any chapter in the direction packet. All entries must be typed (unless otherwise noted) edited, and printed by October 27th. Remember, there are tools like text to talk and the essay editing sheet that will help student with the editing process.

At the checkpoint, I will conference with each student and look at each entry. Each entry is worth 20 points.

On the blue checkpoint sheet, I will give each entry one of three scores:

  • 0 points if it is missing
  • 10 points if I see the entry but it needs repairs. (Necessary repairs will be noted on the entry.)
  • 20 points if the entry is ready to go in the portfolio. (Of course, if you happen to notice minor editing errors that I missed, the entry should be repaired and reprinted.)

If students get a 0 or 10 on an entry, they may make repairs and show me the entry for up to one week following the checkpoint. After that, they will still need to complete the entry for their portfolio, but they will not get additional points for the checkpoint.

Most students completed two entries in class, the My Family essay and The Acrostic Poem. These can be applied to the checkpoint. Students will need to complete three ADDITIONAL entries. As you can see, they will have work time in class on both Monday and Tuesday, but will more than likely still need to spend some additional time at home.

As always, give me a shout out if you have question!

Bottemiller's Bulletin Board

I'm super excited for MEA break because I am chaperoning the Washington DC trip. 240 eighth grade students from both HO and TO and 21 chaperones will be heading to the airport SUPER early Wednesday morning. Our days will be packed with site-seeing and touring various sites around DC.

The last time I went to DC was when I was a senior in high school, so eons ago! On that trip we went from DC to New York City for a couple of days. The only thing I really remember is that our biggest, baddest football players got mugged!! Yes, literally they had their wallets taken. What were our chaperones thinking when they let 100 kids from a tiny town in Wisconsin, most of whom had never been further than the county fair before this trip, wander alone on the streets of New York City?

I have a feeling that times have changed an awful lot since then. I'm sure everyone will be safe on this trip, and hopefully there will be no mishaps (or muggings).

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