Teach Me How To Communicate!


Communication Model

The communication model is consisted on how communication is processed, and how communication works. The model includes, the Sender, Message, Receiver and the Feedback.

Communication Types

The types of communication that we have are Verbal, and Nonverbal.

Verbal is when you use words, as in talking to someone in able for you to communicate with the other person.

Nonverbal is the type of communication when you can use touch, gestures, and body language in order to communicate with a person.

You can also join these two types of communications, while you are speaking to someone you can be using gestures and be looking at your partner while communicating.

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Communication Process

The communication process does not only include the Sender, Message, Receiver, and Feed back. It also includes, Engagement, Understanding, Education, and the Sense of Partnership.

Engagement stands for the connection between the healthcare professional and the patient. It can develop partnership.

Understanding, this is when the healthcare professional empathizes with their patient, and they also make them and help them feel accepted.

Education, you have to increase your patients knowledge on their illness or on whats going on. This can by using the language that the patient understands, and answering all the questions that you are asked.

Sense of Partnership, both the healthcare professional and their patient work together to find out more about the problem and the treatment plan they are going to be using.

Team Communication

There is no "I" in team, which means everyone has to be a team to be able to communicate.

We have all different types of ways to communicate.

- Written Reporting

- Oral Reporting.

- Technology Fax

- Internet

... Are all ways that a health care professional and a patient can communicate.